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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 26, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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500,000 today. 1 million tomorrow. i mean, you could almost say the trip's just getting started. but they're winding things down as he arrives in philadelphia today. we go live to washington now. we'll see you at 4:00 this afternoon live here in philly. >> the day after speaker john boehner stuns washington with his resignation, the race is on to replace him. we'll talk to the co-founder of the tea party to find out who he's backing. the pope in philadelphia. the star-studded festival just hours away. we'll go live to the city of brotherly love. ♪ all the comrades that err they have ♪ >> and a touching and emotional
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good-bye to the retiring joint chiefs chairman general martin dempsey. nice to be with you this saturday. nice to be with you as well. i'm leland vittert. i'm molly line. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. yesterday, john boehner dropped a bombshell on capitol hill. the house speaker stunned colleagues when he announced he's retiring from congress at the end of october. a decision after a career high point, overseeing the pope's address to congress, and a low point, pressure to leave from within his own party. garrett is here with the details. >> it's been a mad dash on capitol hill since boehner made that announcement. lawmakers are scrambling, trying to position themselves to become the next speaker. boehner's resignation highlights the current divide. with conservative members fighting for a more conservative
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leadership. one congressman tells us, it's going to be a barn burner of an election. the current favorite to succeed boehner is house majority leader kevin mccarthy it other possible candidates include majority whip steve call league and representative cathy mcmorris rogers, tom price. the resignation is always playing out in the gop presidential race, where many of the candidates celebrated the news. including ted cruz who launched an attack at boehner for reports the speaker was negotiating with democrats to prevent a government shutdown. >> if it is correct that the speaker, before he resigned, has cut a deal with nancy pelosi to fund the bms administration for the rest of his term, that is not the behavior would one expect from the republican speaker. >> while many of the candidates are trying to bolster their support among candidates by attacking the establishment, it's significant to point out in
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the most recent fox news poll, 62% of republican primary voters said they feel betrayed by their party and amidst all the jockeying for leadership position, is the possibility of a government shutdown if congress fails to pass a budget by thursday. >> absolutely, gadgetrrett, tha you so much. a room at the value voters summit erupted in applause at news of boehner's retirement. many republicans say the speaker's retirement is a victory. ammon them, tea party freights co-founder mark neck ler who says boehner's leadership was, quote, five years of wasted conservative opportunity. mark mechler join us now. fox news poll showing 62% of republicans say they feel, quote, betrayed by their party. i'm guessing you're one of them. >> well, yes, a great majority of republicans. because what we did is six years ago the tea party revolution began.
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the conservative revolution. and the leadership of the house has behaved in anything but a conservative manner. certainly we have been betrayed by leadership. >> tell us how you're going to fix things going forward. simply having a new speaker and different leadership altogether change things? because you may have different opinions in leadership now but you don't have different facts. the republicans still control the house. they don't have 60 votes in the senate. they certainly don't control the white house. >> no, i certainly don't think having different leadership makes all the difference in the world. but it will change direction. hopefully. as we get better leadership. the question is who is that leadership and do they chart a different direction or is it simply a continuation of the boehner lost years. >> you talk about the boehner lost years and having somebody new. is there anybody in mind you have? there's a list we have of about seven or eight of the most popular names. the top name on there being the
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current majority leader mike mccharacter. the question is, is there anybody who can win a vote who at the same time can actually get things done? >> i think that's a very difficult call. especially on such short notice. with speaker boehner having done this sort of in an impromptu way. it leaves mccarthy in the strongest position for taking over as speaker. he doesn't have a good record as a conservative. >> do you think that was his plan? >> i don't know that was his plan. everything i've heard is it really was a spontaneous decision. i don't necessarily think that was the plan. it does leave mccarthy in the strongest position to take over. he ascends to the speakership, if he does so, at an interesting moment in american history when conservatives are rising, conservatives are rise, congress, rising all over the country. it's going to be up to him if he charts the same course. he has an opportunity here to step up potentially as a leader -- >> i understand the idea you're
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not happy with current leadership. that includes obviously mccarthy and the rest of the boehner group there. isn't it imperative upon you if you're unhappy to present somebody, any one of the tea party patriots, part of that caucus group, there in the house? can't you name anyone who you want to have be speaker? who might be acceptable? >> sure, i can name a lot of people. the question is, the political reality on the ground. for example, i think jim jordan would be a great speaker. there are others among that caucus that might be great speakers. the question is, do they have the political capital within the caucus today to be ready to take over as speaker and i think that's a long shot for many of those names. >> you make a good point, it is a long shot. charlie dent, republican, of pennsylvania, obviously, a boehner ally, said this to the hill. any jackass can kick down a barn door. it takes a carpenter to hang one. we need a few more carpenters around here. everybody knows it.
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the question being is, is it right to have somebody from the tea party caucus in that area who is going to be, shall we say, a little bit more of a barndoor kicker than a car pend carpenter? >> i think we need barn door kickers too because what we've had are what i call union carpenters who mostly sit on their hand, get paid overtime and do very little, if anything, of conservative value. so we need some folks for sure. we need some people to rebuild it in a conservative fashion. >> would suspect speaker boehner and others might take umbrage at the concept of them being union carpenters, but we will leave it at that, and for them to respond. mark meckler, appreciate your insight and analysis today. >> thank you. >> all the best. all right, so we heard from mark, now we want to hear from you. who do you think should be the next speaker of the house? you can send us your twee
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tweets @lelandvittert. remember, the speaker of the house does not necessarily have to be a member of the house. an interesting bit of american trivia. there you go. tweet us some of your responses coming up later in the show. some of the candidates are hoping to win over social conservatives in washington this weekend. senator graham is the latest to address the values voter summit. during this two-day event. other speaks included front-runner trump and ben carson. in a couple of hours, the organizers are expected to announce the winner of their presidential straw poll. senator cruz was at the summit yesterday but today he is on to iowa where he was on hand for the grand opening of his campaign office there. senator rubio will be returning to iowa as well, but he is in miami holding a fund-raiser
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today. new jersey governor christie who did not participate in the summit is in another early voting state. he is hitting the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> the city of brotherly love is certainly living up to its name as it welcomes pope francis. the pontiff is in philadelphia for the final leg of his historic visit to the united states. and it is yet another jam packed day for the pope. one where he's expected to focus more heavily on catholic families. brian yenes is live in philadelphia with more. >> welcome to the world media families here in philadelphia. 1.5 million people from all around the world celebrating really the importance of family and what is the culmination of pope france's first visit to the united states. really, an exciting atmosphere here. and earlier today, pope francis arrived here in philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, at
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about 9:41 this morning. he arrived to the tune of rocky, the rocky theme song, played by a local band. he met with the pennsylvania governor, philadelphia's mayor and the archbishop. in a classic moment, he got out of his fiat and blessed a disabled boy and two nuns before heading to his first stop in the city brotherly love. now, thousands welcoming the pontiff as he arrived at the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul for mass. the basilica is the largest catholic church in pennsylvania. the heart of philadelphia. today's homily, the pope addressing nearly 2,000 clergy and parrisheners, challenging all, asking, what about you, what are you doing to spread the word of jesus in the gospel. emphasizing that it's everyone's responsibility to spread what he called the enthusiasm of jesus. now, an important message for the pope that he really has had since day one about making sure
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people were actively engaged in the church, going out there, reaching out to people. later today, around 4:30, he will make comments here at independence hall. considered america's birthplace for democracy. where the constitution was ratified. where the declaration of independence was signed. and where pope francis was deliver a message here on immigration and religious freedom. and we spoke to some of the 40,000 people that are gathered here from all over the world. especially from latin america. many of the people we spoke to, hispanic, some undocumented, that are looking forward to hearing pope francis speak directly to them about immigration. take a listen. >> i look forward to what he has to say about immigration specifically. and just see if that has any influence here in america, you know, clearly eye not sure if it's working with politicians. >> just streaming everywhere, really very festive and happy. it's great. >> the flaggings are out from
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all different types of countries, particularly, like we said, latin america. remember, 40% of hispanics, catholics in the united states, are hispanic. it's the largest minority. one of the fastest growing. it's a message he will deliver today in spanish. one last thing, this is really something interesting, he is using the lectern at the podium from abraham lincoln. the same lincoln used when he delivered the gettysburg address here in pennsylvania. speaking at independence hall, the birthplace of american democracy, using lincoln's lectern to talk about freedom. >> you have an amazing seat there. another chapter in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. hundreds more e-mails have been discovered. some of them may relate to the benghazi terror attack. raising a lot of concerns among
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voters about clinton's character. a new poll shows that 58% of registered voters believe clinton is lying about how her e-mails were handled. let's bring in the political reporter at the national review. thank you so much for joining us. so let's kick off with one of the things we've seen come on to the scene in the last couple of weeks. the fbi says they have been able to retrieve some of the e-mails that may have been deleted from that home server. should the clinton campaign be concerned that these may be not just the private e-mails that she suggested were wiped but also professional e-mails? >> i think that's right. if you recall yesterday, the department of defense and the state department inspector general actually came out and said that contrary to the hillary campaign's assertion that all of her e-mails were turned over, there's actually several e-mails between her and general petraeus in 2009 that were not turned over. this is not only something the clinton campaign has been saying for months, this is actually
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something she said under penalty of perjuriry before court last month, that all of these e-mails were turned over. i think there's an open question, whether all these professional e-mails have been turned over. i think we're going to see, as the fbi goes through there are extra e-mails. >> it seems like things are slowly beginning to surface. we had the e-mail turned over before the house select committee so we know those e-mails existed as well. there's all of these 900 libya related e-mails. now suddenly the committee will look at. how much of a concern should that be? >> so there's only a small number of e-mails that are directly related to benghazi. the state department said they were trying to be overly inclusive in this document by including all these libya e-mails for a year surrounding the benghazi attacks. the state department said for months and months all of these e-mails were turned over. it's unclear why the state department has decided to, now, turn other these additional e-mails. it has been a lot of concern the state department is covering for
10:15 am
hillary clinton and to be frank for a lot of the state department management that also will be implicated in this issue. the sheer number of eyeballs on this story has forced the state department to be more compliant with these kinds of rules. >> spokesperson for the select committee on benghazi said it's curious the department is able to be more productive after recent staff changes. how do you feel about the level of cooperation at the state department? is it changing? >> it does seem to be getting better. i think the benghazi committee isn't holding their breath at this point because for months and months they have engaged in -- not just the benghazi committee but their own inspector general. to kind of slow roll this thing. to deny that the top secret documents that the intelligence community and the cia found are actually top secret. to deny they were classified at the time. the state department says they were classified after the fact. that it's moo be changing. that might be changing. there have been staff changes. push to take out the old people
10:16 am
that might be implicated in this and bring in fresh eyes. we'll see. >> shifting gears now to clinton's announcement regarding the keystone pipeline. in her own words. let's take a listen. >> i feel, now, i've got a responsibility to you and other voters who asked me about this. i think it is imperative that we look at the keystone pipeline as what i believe it is, a distraction from the importance work we have to do to combat climate change and, unfortunately, from my perspective, one that interfered with our ability to move forward to deal with all the other issues. therefore, i oppose it. >> letting the suspense build. what are your thoughts on the timing of her thoughts on keystone? >> keystone pipeline, contrary to the republican party where it's a no brainer, it splits the democratic party. the environmentals on one side
10:17 am
opposed to the pipeline. they see it as something contributing to climate change. then you have unions who see it as a boon to union construction jobs, boon to various jobs in the petroleum industry. they see it as an economic lifeline for them. this is something hillary clinton has to walk a fine line on. i think it's telling that she choose, i think it's within an hour of the pope landing in washington, to do this, when all the cameras were landing on the pope. i think she is hoping this can fly under the radar and she can avoid any union backlash. >> thank you so much, we really appreciate you joining us here today. the political reporting there at the national, we appreciate it, thanks. as we continue to follow pope francis' historic visit to the united states, some earlier images coming to us from philadelphia. right now, there are more crowds gathered for the festival of families. it goes on this afternoon. we'll see the pope in public
10:18 am
once again at independence hall before he makes his way out of the country. this, after the pope celebrated mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. we'll take a closer look at his historic visit to america coming up a little later. plus, why is this man being called one of the most hated people in america? and no, it's not just because of his instagram account. we'll tell you what he did that has millions of americans questioning the cost of their medication. and cleaning up after an overnight tornado tore through a texas community. we'll get the very latest from the fox news extreme weather center. standing by right now. hi, janice. >> hi, we are watching this area of low pressure off the coast, bringing in a lot of moisture. and the potential for some severe weather. we will cover it next. and how will the weather be in philadelphia for the pope's visit? we'll also talk about that.
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jabad al nusra, in exchange, he says, for safe passage through parts of syria. that equates to a quarter of the equipment assigned to that particular rebel unit. u.s. centcom, central command, spokesman said surrendering the equipment is a violation of the program of the syrian rebels that have been fighting, as we know, syrian president al
10:24 am
assad's government. all this after the pentagon is considering equipping an even wider range of rebel groups in syria. now this latest situation certainly calls that idea into question and raises even more doubt about the loyalty of those syrian rebels. molly, the u.s. was training 54 nfs fighters, but now that group has basically disbanded with about 14, at least 14, of those fighters dropping out of the u.s. training program, and another 18 are essentially at this point basically m.i.a. molly, back to you. >> thank you so much. john huddy, we appreciate it, thank you. residents st. onisland in south carolina are cleaning up after a tornado tore through their community yesterday. with winds estimated at 130 miles per hour.
10:25 am
you can see some of the damage. it traveled close to seven miles. that twisted lasted about 17 minutes. several homes were destroyed. people are without power and thousands of trees were uprooted. however, no injuries have been reported. a lot damage to homes there. this is happening as temperatures cool across the nation with fall settling in. meteorologist janice dean at fox weather center. >> we were watching a couple areas of low pressure cooling off the temperatures for the mid-atlantic. we also have moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. you mentioned that tornado, that tore through that small area of south carolina. of course, people are cleaning up. there were no injuries reported. it was spotted on doppler radar. so there was warning. you can see the potential for several inches of rainfall over the next couple of days. a slow moving low is going to produce all of this rainfall and perhaps potential for flash
10:26 am
flooding. we do have flood advisories for the coast of north carolina, where, again, easily, several inches of rain, as we get into the next part of the workweek. here is what the weather looks like for philadelphia, the new york area. all of this moisture is south of the region. so people who are outside, waiting for a moment to see the pope, the weather should be okay. bring a light sweater or jacket. temperatures will be in the low 70sskies, but the bulk of the rainfall will remain south of philadelphia for both today and sunday, which is great news. he has had excellent weather for his visit across the northeast coast and d.c. and then new york and now philadelphia. the temperatures, though, across the upper midwest and the northern plains, as well as much of the west, 10 to 20 degrees above average. 5 to 10 degrees below average for the mid-atlantic as we look ahead to sunday. not too bad for much of the country. and the severe risk is low, which is great news. we won't see a lot of tornadoes
10:27 am
this weekend. back to you, leland. >> not a bad fall weekend, janice dean, thanks so much. a changing of the guard. our nation's top man in uniform, general martin dempsey, hands over the reins to his replacement. it's an emotional farewell that you don't want to miss. plus, the pope spreads the love to the city brotherly love. the pope's first u.s. trip doesn't come without controversy. americans. we're living longer than ever.
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memorable moments during pope francis's first trip to the united states. be it a school or be it in front of a very large crowd as he's spoken to in the white house or other places.
10:32 am
perhaps the pontiff most closely watched his historic address to congress in what he said. our own judge took exception with some of what he said, including climate change. writing in an op-ed, the pope has seriously disappointed those who believe the roman catholic church preserved and teaches the truth. it is not a debate about the minimum wage or air conditioning. something we've heard about the past couple of days. the executive director of the action institute was at the speech to congress, joins us now. father, do you think the judge's critique of pope francis' speech and other things he's said is fair? >> by the way, the action institute. by the way, judge palin tanno is
10:33 am
a friend and i hate to educate him a little bit on the catechism but what the church teaches is truth as a theological truth. it doesn't have a mandate, it doesn't have an expertise in speaking to economics. it doesn't speak to sints acien the like. those are areas of legitimate debate among catholics. the pope is admittedly a more progressive agenda on some of these issues. not on the theological stuff but the minimum wage and other stuff he alluded to. would i rather the pope say something different? yes, absolutely. i think the pope himself has admitted he doesn't understand economics very well. he said he has an allergy to economics and has never grasped it very well. so i just wish he would be a little more conscious in making these kinds of applications. the moral perspective on economics is that all of us have an obligation to one another. it's called solidarity.
10:34 am
the way in which we -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, when we hear him speak about these issues, refugees, climate, those kinds of things. in your view, is it at the expense of his job as the holy father to minister to all, or is it in addition to what he's doing on the theological basis, he's also adding in this social commentary? >> think the problem comes down when he seems to be saying something from a political perspective. and he's not. he doesn't see himself when he addresses the question of refugees. when he addresses the question of our responsibilities to the environment or obligations to the poor. these are not, for him, a political issue. i thing it's unfortunate that he choose to make some of these statements in congress because that makes it instantly appear as though it's political. but i think it takes a bit of the sting out of it if you see him as a moral leader, addressing questions of morali y
10:35 am
morality, rather than as a political leader addressing political issuings. >> sometimes it is hard to separate the two, especially in u.s. politics. i want to talk to you about the crowds we've seen, people are calling him the people's pope. obviously, there's been talk of the pope francis effect, the surge of entrance in the catholic church. some level, as we take a live look at people feeling independence hall there hours before the pope is scheduled to arrive, and that's what's happened over and over during this visit, people standing for hours just to get a glimpse of him. it's some of the things he's being criticized for. things he's had to say about who am i to judge when it comes to gay marriage or those kinds of things or a gay priest. at some level, some of the things he's being judged for, bringing more people back to the church. what's the balance there? >> we, let's put this in perspective. this is the fourth pope to visit
10:36 am
the united states beginning with paul vi. the real test of the francis effect, it's durability, it's effect on the church as a whole. the number of locations. the number of people who come back to the church. not just people who are amused or enchanted with a new celebrity. i think the pope would be the first to say that. >> do you think it's too early to tell whether this is really or not, to your point, whether this is celebrity or a real homecoming, if you will? >> i think it is too, you know, he's not been pope three years yet, so i think it is a little too early to predict that. what is happening, though, is a new face being put on catholicism. previously angry at the church for understandable reasons, the whole priest abuse thing. the main question is compassion, love, reconciliation, forgiveness. >> he has certainly spoken on all of those matters.
10:37 am
to an unbelievable degree. and brought a lot of interest at least among noncatholics as well. father robert of the action institute. appreciate it, sir. thanks for your insights and look forward to talking to you as things move on. >> i've enjoyed it, thank you. >> all the best. molly. >> in an effort to reach the masses, the roman catholic church is embracing its digital option. fox news' douglas kennedy explains how it's reaching church members in a new and untraditional way. >> we want to engage young people. >> reporter: this pastor runs a collegiate ministry. >> it's a way to interact -- >> reporter: at columbia university in new york. unfortunately, with young people who didn't grow up attending church, a traditional appeal doesn't always work. >> so we havee people where they are. >> reporter: engaging them where they are he says requires technology. which is why he's turned to
10:38 am
faith life. a religious app that encourages bible study, fellowship, e-prayer. >> the days of carrying a big leather bound bible to church are not necessarily over but young people are doing everything on their phones now. >> reporter: one of the reasons the catholic church released its own app last week. just in time for the arrival of pope francis. >> you are also the first pontiff to share through a twitter account. >> reporter: thousands of people are here in washington, d.c. to see the pope. and millions more will greet him before he leaves on sunday. but not everyone who wants to see him will get to see him. so your new app is allowing people judge where to follow the pope's every move while he's here. >> we're going to live stream, we're going to have live press conferences, we're going to have texting, the speech up online.
10:39 am
>> reporter: this is the catholic bishop in vermont and the man most responsible for the catholic app. compiling info from the vatican. all the way down to local bishops. even including church news and mass times from local parishes. now, some people say the new technology will actually keep people away from church by allowing them to worship from af afar. >> we're designing the app so people will want to come back to our church. >> reporter: so i can't go to confession on this app? >> i wish i could say yes, but i'll be able to tell you through the app where you can go to confession. >> reporter: no confessions but you can, if you want, make an appointment on the app to visit a priest. in washington, d.c., douglas kennedy, fox news. >> and tonight at 10:00 eastern, our pope coverage tibcontinues. bill hemer will look at church attendance trend dwendling and s trend cannon reversed.
10:40 am
"losing faith in america." you will not want to miss it. >> and as we move on here, more ahead on "america's news headquarters." welcoming back a u.s. marine to american soil more than 70 years after his death. you do not want to miss this emotional homecoming. and also, general martin dempsey served our country for, get this, 41 years. now, he is passing the reins. we will take you to his heartfelt good by that involves him and his nine grandchildren and him singing coming up. ♪ i spent it in good company ♪ and all the
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holding the flag and letting them and their family know that we respect them. we honor them. this is a way we can do it. >> a homecoming more than 70 years in the making. dozens of people lined up outside an airport in knoxville to welcome 1st lieutenant alexander back to tennessee soil. he was killed during world war ii, leading marines in the fight against japanese on a pack eifi island. he will be laid to rest with a full military honor tomorrow. after 40 years in the army, general martin dempsey is a civilian today. yesterday, he stepped down as the military's top officer, turning over his responsibilities as the chair hchairman of the joint chiefs of staff to
10:46 am
general dunnford. an emotional farewell that started with dempsey's son chris, who's now an army major, reading his father's retirement orders. take a look. >> the following general officer is retired. dempsey, martin e., in the rank of general. signed chief of staff, united states army. whoever had the over/under on how long it would take me to cry. i think my classmates are -- probably had a few side bets going on. it was humbling to accept this job four years ago. and it's humbling to relinquish it today. >> i'm confident in telling you, marty, you will be missed. >> marty, for your lifetime of extraordinary service, you have the deepest things of a grateful nation. god bless you. god bless our men and women in uniform.
10:47 am
♪ good-bye and peace to you all ♪ ♪ good-bye and joy lead to you all ♪ >> you got the feeling when he said i'm humbled then and now that he actually meant it. you hear the word i'm humbled a lot. you really felt like he meant it. >> that was beautiful. what a sendoff. if you're going off, you get to sing what you want. >> he was known for having a box on his desk called the make it matter box. it was a cigar box. inside, 132 names of the men he
10:48 am
lost when he was a commander in iraq. he traveled all over the worrell as chairman of the joint chiefs. our jennifer griffin got to interview him when he was in afghanistan. an unbelievable moment there when jennifer and the general, as she always commented what a fine chairman of the joint chiefs he was. not necessarily always happy to have her questions but would answer them honestly. we should note, as he leaves, it's general dunnford who now takes over. >> incredible. such a beautiful ceremony. coming up, it's been called the most -- he has been called the most latest man in america. how did this pharmaceutical ceo's acquisition of a life-saving drug end up making him a punching bag? think your heartburn pill works fast?
10:49 am
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i can see how it looks greedy, but i think there are a lot of altruistic props to it.
10:53 am
we're trying to make money. >> martin shakreli becoming the face of the u.s. drug pricing controversy. he sparked outrage when he raised the price of an anti-infection drug daraprim from $13.50 to $750 a pill. the company thousand says that it will lower the cost of the medication, but it has not said exactly by how much. joining us now, dr. alvarez, a member of the fox news a team. thank you for joining us. >> well, look, i think that the whole world is outraged. i'm outraged myself. this is what gives fa pharmaceutical ceos a bad name. and i would call this guy an investor trying to make money. he bought a company for $55 million. he bought a very solid drug that has been around for a long time.
10:54 am
it costs to make about a dollar. it treat as very specific type of infection which is toxic plaz know sis. and it helps millions of people. all of a sudden he made an investment of $55 million and now he will hike that up to see if he can make huge profits. he's saying that he's losing money and that he needs do something else. hey, pal, get some good scientists to give you new drug, but don't steal from the people that need it the most. >> outrage ensued right away when it happened. he had argued that the additional money would actually go toward funding and research for a new and better drug. does that justification fly in any way? >> absolutely not. when ceos make an investment in r&d, they get scientific ideas, they go what they want to research. they go out and raise the money
10:55 am
independently many times. now, big phrma has of course a lot of cash at hand and they're able to put monies away for r and d. when you have isolated flipping company, what i call they buy an investme investment, they try to make a profit out of it and they try to sort of build it up financially so they can sell it off and make a profit, that doesn't help anybody. those companies should not be allowed to do that. and we have too many of them. and this is the worst example of a poorly run scientific company that i have ever seen in my life. >> he has agreed to lower the price. take a listen. >> we've agreed to lower the price of daraprim to a point that is more affordable and is able to allow the company to make a profit but a very small profit. >> does this speak to power the consumers have even depends big phrma? >> well, consumers sometimes don't know exactly what it takes to make a drug.
10:56 am
and it takes millions of dollars to come up with new drugs. i know that every there and scientist knows that. but there is no transparency. they just don't know when the pill is released into the marketplace why is it $25 a pill. main have to recoup their invest little so the cost of the drug is higher. >> thank you, doctor. sorry, we have a break coming up. but thank you very much. we appreciate it. coming up, we'll take a look at if donald trump was able to court some christian conservatives at that values voters summit.
10:57 am
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i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. thanks for staying with us. nice to be with you. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> here is what is making news right now. just days away from a possible government showdown and washington is buzzing over who to replace house speaker john boehner. we will talk to the chief congressional correspondent coming up. plus president obama is set to sit down with vladimir putin for a frank talk about syria. this as the russian president continues to send more troops more equipment and more aircraft to support the assad government.
11:01 am
we'll take a closer look. ♪ >> and we'll go back live to philadelphia as pope francis prepares to host a festival p families later today. takit is a big weekend for white house hopefuls. organizers of the values voters summit is set to announce the winner of their presidential straw poll, a very important poll, in the coming hour. meanwhile candidates are hitting early voting states from iowa to new hampshire. molly has the details. >> yes, it's a busy day in iowa and new hampshire for democratic and republican presidential candidates. one of them ted cruiz opened hi first campaign office in
11:02 am
urbandale, iowa. cruz who made no secret he's running a, quote, frugal campaign waited to open the office until after labor day. today he urged supporters to start thinking and planning for next year's caucus day. >> every one of you is a political entrepreneur. you have a circle of friend, you have a circle of family, a circle of colleagues. we'll try to give you all the tools we can to help make it easy. but every one of you can wake up and think, all right, who can i get to show up. >> a there a new fox news poll, donald trump is leading the pack 26%, that's up 1% from a month ago. ben carson in second place with 18%. and that's up six points from a month ago. carly fiorina and marco rubio tied with 9%. and ted cruz one point behind them. on the democratic side, hillary
11:03 am
clinton at the top of the list with 44% down five points from a month ago go. bernie sanders stays even with where he was in august, 30%. vice president joe biden, who is not in the race, is in third with 18%. we expect to see bernie sanders on the campaign trail today. he has two events in iowa this evening. hillary clinton is in new york, she will be at a fund-raiser tonight. and to give you a sense of just how busy the candidates are today, there are 15 political events between sanders and the gop candidates in iowa and new hampshire today. leland. >> wow, very busy indeed. no time off on a saturday or sunday. molly, thanks. busy out there on the campaign trail and jockeying for position is already under way in the house after john boehner's stunning announcement yesterday. yesterday he called it quits saying he will retire from congress at the end of october.
11:04 am
boehner's resignation comes at a pretty turbulent time for the house. joining me now, susan fer ruch i don't. we got wofrd that washington wa stunned. were you surprised? >> aof lorters knew in a he was going to leave at some point and the question was timing. i think this was a long time hope for speaker boehner to bring the pope and once they had their meeting and he left and we saw his emotional expression with the pope on the balcony, a lot of us were thinking maybe now he's accomplished this big item on his bucket list, he might decide it's time to go soon. and sure enough the next day he made the announcement. so the timing was maybe a little sooner than some expected, but certainly not a shock that he was leaving. >> certainly a big moment for speaker boehner. we can see in the pictures he was emotional throughout. but actually leaving, was he pushed out by a small vocal
11:05 am
minority? what does it mean for moving forward? >> the small vocal minority was not enough to depose him, but they were on the sidelines making things difficult in terms of accomplishing the deal to keep the government funded. there was always a move to fund the government until december. so i don't think there was really any threat i don't understand the september 30th he said of the fiscal year. there was really not a threat that the government was not going to be funded. the big question was how they would get the grand bargain, the planned parenthood, concerns that a deal would need to be cut with with democrats, again, more turmoil with the speaker. and i think he decided if stepped out of the way now, that would take him off the table as the center of controversy. >> and what about going forward? who is next and will they have it any easier than speaker boehner did? >> so the question now is who will succeed him. majority leader is kevin
11:06 am
mccarthy. he's only been in the leadership a few years. he's a fresh face. a lot of conservatives are willing to get behind him. it doesn't mean he will win and you the votes. but it looks like he's the frontrunner. there is a possible challenge from a conservative further on his right, daniel webster of florida. can he cannot win enough votes, so it's looking like mccarthy will get it. they can only lose 28 votes to get the 218 needed to win. and the full house votes for the speaker. need most of their people in line. so they need people who can get conservatives and moderates and some of these lawmakers on the far right. kevin mccarthy is the most likely to do that. it doesn't mean he won't get it challenged. i suspect that they will be for the vote on the house floor. make sure that they have the votes behind kevin mccarthy so that we don't have a situation where a speaker is not located,
11:07 am
that would be highly unusual for that to happen in front of the cameras, in front of the public. they will decide it all privately first. >> so if kevin mccarthy becomes speaker, then there is the majority leader's position. is that where the battle will really be? >> i think so. the lower down ballot people will probably -- more fighting there and opportunity for more conservative members to try to get themselves into the leadership. you have stethe majority whip cd move up pup you have tom price of georgia, he's a more conservative member. he may run for a leadership position. and you have a woman, kathy mcmorris rodgers, number four republican in the house, also interested in moving up the leadership ladder. so there will be scrambling and an effort by some to finally get in to the leadership and not just be on the sidelines trying to get their voice heard. and that will all have to happen pretty quickly because the
11:08 am
speaker -- boehner said he will leave at the end of october. so they only have a few weeks do this. they want to do it sooner rather than later. so i think the coming weeks will be when we see all the action. >> susan really appreciate it. thanks for coming in. it will be really interesting especially this jenext couple o days. and we would like to know what you think and who should take over as speaker of the house. send us your thoughts on twitter. we will read some of your answers a little later in the show. the city of brotherly love is giving the pope a very warm welcome today. the pontiff is in philadelphia for the final leg of his historic visit to the u.s. after speaking to congress and world leaders earlier this week. the pope now is expected to tailer his message to regular catholics on this the last two days of his trip.
11:09 am
we'll go live to philadelphia with the latest. behind you, brian, the crowds definitely filling up there. >> reporter: that's right. good afternoon. it really is 40,000 people expected here at independence hall. the pope is expected to speak here in about 2 of this hours whe 2 1/2 hours. this is the world meeting p families. 1.5 million catholics from around the world meeting here in the city of brotherly love. philadelphia, the fifth largest city in america, completely shut down for this visit. and people are excited to see and catch a glimpse of him. pope francis arrived to the tune of the rocky 1 theme song that everybody knows here will in america. he comes off the plane with that amazing song playing. and he meets pennsylvania's governor, philadelphia mayor and archbishop. and in a classic pope francis unscripted moment, he got out of his fiat and blessed a disabled
11:10 am
boy and two nuns before heading to the first stop here in philadelphia. that first stop was really at the cathedral basilica st. peter and paul. the basilica is the largest catholic church in pennsylvania and in today's mass, he gave a 20 minute homily where the pope addressed nearly 2,000 clergy and parishioners, challenging each and every one of them, asking what about you. what are you doing to help spread the gospel. what are you doing in his words to emphasize your responsibility to spread the enthusiasm of jesus. that was his message today at mass, at the church, an important message that he's really been pushing since he first became pope in 2013. also, here at independence hall, he will be speaking about immigration, religious freedom, at the birth place of the u.s. constitution, where the declaration was signed. and he will be giving his
11:11 am
address using the lectern that abraham lincoln used. so the symbol is about liberty and freedom, very striking as he makes his first direct comments about immigration to a crowd here at independence hall, 40,000 strong, and many hispanic americans and hispanic immigrants who are eager to hear the pope speak in their native language about these important issues. so of course they're not the only ones listening. also those in politics listening. ted cruz for instance. we've heard comments from both sides of the aisle about really pope francis' involvement in politics, immigration. ted cruz saying for instance that his involvement in immigration really means that he's compassion about illegal immigration. so again we'll see how people react to it, but everyone here is exciteded about what he has to say. after independence hall, we will see the pope arrive at benjamin
11:12 am
parkway for the festivities. 500,000 people expected there. aretha franklin, mark wahlberg, andre a biechele, big actors and sinkers that will be at that event in a celebration of family. because that is what this is all about, world meeting of families in celebration of the family unit. so very packed schedule that only will get more exciting through the night. >> and we'll be there to cover it all with specials all night long. brian, thanks. the ugs .s. is taking steps open a dialogue with iran about the crisis in syria. today john kerry met with iran's foreign prime minister on the sidelines of the united nations general assembly there in new york. they discussed plans to end the four year syrian civil war. it was their first face to face meeting since they sealed a landmark nuclear agreement in vienna in july. dozens of russian combat
11:13 am
jets and tanks have arrived in syria. now, despite photographic evidence, moscow denied it's building up its presence to protect its long time ally as d assad, but the pentagon views it with concern. at a hearing, general david petraeus warned congress to stop russia before it's too late. >> syria today, mr. chairman, is a geopolitical chernobyl, spewing instability and extremism over the regionnd at rest of the world. like a nuclear disaster, the fallout from the meltdown threatens to be with us for decades and the longer it is permitted to continue, the more severe the damage will be. >> this comes just ahead of russian president vladimir putin's speech at the u.n. general assembly on monday and a meeting with president obama in new york. here to give us shall pome perse
11:14 am
on all of this, general king. general, does russia want to keep assad in power or does russia want to establish the kind of forward military bases in the middle east that we have in place? >> they want do both. certainly assad means a them. this is a 60 year relationship, 100,000 people from russia live there. this is a foot hold in the middle east. naval base, air base. they want to have a relationship in the middle east, take advantage of the void that the united states has by disengaging from the middle east. so they are leveraging our former allies to establish that relationship. russia sees itself as a world power who truly wants global influence. and that's what you see happening. >> we've heard from president obama and josh earnest talking about that russia is a regional power merely. based on what we're seeing now in terms of how they're projecting force, is it pretty
11:15 am
clear that regional power is no longer an accurate description if it ever was? >> i don't think it ever was an accurate description. to get right to what's happening, this has been going on for about a year. they have arms deals with saudi arabia, kuwait, the uae, egypt, they're negotiating one with iraq. they have trainers on the ground in egypt helping them to fight isis. these relationships are forming, those are all our former allies. they are ostensibly still allies. they don't want to have a relationship with -- >> but they're doing what they need to. >> they know they need to. >> you mentioned iraq which is important. we learned that russia wasn't able to fly all their materials from russia direct with syria over turkey, so they had to go through none other than iran and iraq. and we have a map of now the flight path that they are being allowed to take essentially as they fly over down from russia, town to iran, and then you make
11:16 am
that what would be a right hand turnover to syria. but we also learned not only are they flying over iraq, but there is a base inside iraq where the russians, syrians and iranians are all coordinating. what do you make of that? >> this is an air field on the east side of baghdad and an operations center that exists there. and what is being reported now is that russian generals and actually syrians in there, as well, trying to coordinate an effort here against isis in iraq. and again, if you're sitting -- if you're sitting in baghdad and you're an iraqi, nine months after the invasion started by isis into iraq, january 2014, nine months after that is when we first delivered an air strike. that's how long it took us do that. and we've also provided an inadequate amount of resewerses to help them on the ground. every analyst says our support is insufficient.
11:17 am
>> are the russians filling that void? >> they will attempt to. and the prime minister of iraq after he had a visit here with the president, he left essentially empty handed. about six weeks laters he's in loss cow. and he didn't leave empty handed. so these are consequences of our policy decisions. does the white house actually think that they can make decisions like this and they don't have consequences with our friends and allies, they are always going to act in their self interests. and that is what they're doing. >> if they're not going to get it from the united states, they will get it from somewhere else. you make a good point when you say what is the white house thinking because we just did learn past couple days that president obama and president putin will sit down in new york to talk about these things. here is video of one of their earlier meetings. the question is, what kind of cards does president obama have to play and is he willing to play them? >> well, i think what he'll say is what he's told us publicly
11:18 am
and the rhetoric that he's been using with putin for a number of years now. >> but it hasn't been working. >> you will destabilize the situation and vladimir doesn't look at it that way. what he's doing is consolidating the situation to kip eep ased a so assad in pow are. he's outmaneuvered us for the last three plus years. it's really a sad thing to watch to see the united states pushed around like this. >> well, we'll see if we are continuing to be pushed around when the meeting comes up. general keane, appreciate your insights. thanks. and the ntsb investigates the deadly crash between a crowded tour bus and a duck boat. survivors are speaking out. >> looking up and hearing the impact, that was the scariest part and seeing it coming at you. i remember waking up on the
11:19 am
freeway and i saw people running towards us from their cars. >> what we're learning today about exactly what happened to cause the disaster. plus donald trump testified, his spiritual message to the conservative values voters summit. where gop are awaiting the results of the straw poll. and man's best friend in action. these k-9s show off their amazing ability to help fight the war on terror.
11:20 am
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thousands of muslim pilgrims are mark the last day of hajj in mina, unteetered by the stam speed there two days ago. iran and several other countries have criticized saudi authorities for the way they handled safety issues there. authorities have raised the number of deaths to 769. the deadliest incident to occur in 25 years. mina is where the pilgrims throw stones at three large pillars in a symbolic casting away of evil as one of the final steps of the hajj. for the first time we're
11:24 am
hearing from survivors of a massive and tragic crash in seattle. four people died when witnesses say a duck boat ran into a charter bus. will carr is following the story. hi, will. >> reporter: and many of those survivors saying they're lucky to be alive after this crash. it comes at the same time as critics are calling for these duck boats to be taken off the streets all together. now, the ntsb is currently investigating to try to figure out exactly what caused this crash between the duck boat and the bus. they say it could take months to determine the cause. witnesses say they think there was a mechanical problem with the wheel of the studuck boat t caused it to careen and slam into the bus. the duck boat involved had not been inspected for 12 years and plus the company does have a good safety record according to state records. police also say the driver did
11:25 am
not appear to be impaired. the driver of the duck boat that is. the owner has now voluntarily taken his entire fleet off the road, but critics say more needs to be done. >> i can't see how that they are safe. i mean, they are very large vehicles. there are no seatbelts on that. it's made in standards that were made for war time. >> safety is our number one concern. and you can imagine how devastating it is to find out that something like this happened. >> seattle's mayor says the city needs to reevaluate if the duck sto tours should continue. we've learned the duck boat involved was last inspected in 2003. it was scheduled for inspection next month. the four killed, all were international students. 40 others were injured. will carr live in los angeles. thanks. the white house throws a
11:26 am
glitzy statistic dinner for the chinese president. and many are up in arms. john bolten is here to explain. plus presidential hopefuls on the campaign trail this weekend. our fair and balanced panel is here to weigh in on how hair campaigns are shaping up. i'm on the campaign trail every day and i understand people are angry. in fact, i tell people it's not just anger out there. that's not the mood. it is a seething rage. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise,
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brand new poll is out showing how the presidential race is shaping up among republican candidates after the second debate. according to the new fox news poll, dr. ben carson, senator marco rubio and carly fiorina saw the biggest bumps in support since the first debate in august. while donald trump leading the pack gained one point. the first primary is just four
11:31 am
months away. let's bring in our fair and balanced political panel. angela and pep nny, thank you bh for being here. these are among republican primary voters, looking at the fox news poll, trump still in the lead, but fiorina, rubio moving up. >> no surprise. and the ones to watch is kasich and the rubio. you know, like the tortoise and the hare. but i believe kasich will be out front. and the primary is an use eter away. >> we have yet to cross into the cold winter where everybody starts to watch. >> and had you taken it back in 2004, would you have had the nominee of howard dean and rudy
11:32 am
giuliani. so, yes, they do change and there is a lot of time. and what it does translate into going forward is what kind of ground operation, what kind of support are they getting on the ground, what kind of operation do they have in place to be able on turn out the voters. so, yes, we will see the polls fluctuate as different people on twitter and other places make more about certain remarks. so let's see what they do. >> and it's the grass roots get out the vote. and democrats are very good at that. republicans, we're a little weak. but i'm hopeful with rubio that will help withh votes and ben carson and carly. >> and it has been fascinating to watch the ground game developing in iowa and new hampshire particularly among the republicans where they're all struggling to get enough staff. but let's take a quick look at another fascinating poll number. this is about trust. fox news poll and voters say that they would be proud to have this individual as president, extremely or very proud. here are the numbers. carson, 29. clinton, 28.
11:33 am
fiorina, 24. sanders, trump in the 20s. what do you think about this? as far as being able to trust someone, being extremely or very proud of them. >> it shows how americans have a distrust of washington, d.c. still the anti-politician. carson, he's soft spoken, but you believe him. fiorina, she's forceful, you believe her. so i think that is what is glon straig demonstrated now. but still i believe it will be a politician who will win the nomination. >> do you think that's where the outsider surge is coming from, the distrust of washington? >> yes, because they have seen gridlock and their personal lives haven't been affected that much and the same old politicians talk and talk. so they're looking for somebody with a new way to engage. but mrs. clinton still for example enjoys 61% of the democratic party, support from them. so, yes, you do see people playing around and seeing -- >> but biden is doing very well.
11:34 am
he's beating sanders in polls now and he hasn't enannounven announced. in let's throw that poll up now that you mention it. this is the most recent fox news poll. clinton fell quite a bit. joe biden with pretty strong numbers. >> and another poll, biden was even beating sanders and he hasn't even announced. >> he has a lot of sentiment behind him. he's gone through a great tragedy and has endeared himself to -- >> but he is our -- >> we elected him as our vice president. so he does enjoy great support in amongst the democratic party, but he's still 18% and he's not an announced candidate. >> and that's the rub. if he announces, there is -- >> there are a lot of ifs. let's wait for that day. >> there goes the split with the
11:35 am
black vote. >> let's have the facts on the ground and he's not an announced candidate. >> i want to shift back to the republicans. who do you think is benefiting? things are beginning to shape up in the republican field. some are dropping out. we've seen walker drop out, rick perry dropping out. who benefits? >> with scott walker dropping out, i know people have given that to rubio. rubio will take those supporters. >> do you think that's where the benefit will go? rubio has been climbing a bit in the polls. >> he was less than on 0.5% last poll. so do you have to question. i mean this is someone that only rose to about 1% in that last last. so i think we'll see where that goes to. i think it's up for grabs right now as to which republican benefits. >> angela, penny, we appreciate you both being here. great discussion. thanks so much. and a quick programming note here. tomorrow on fox news sunday,
11:36 am
chris wallace has an exclusive interview with the former florida governor jeb bush on his presidential run. check your local listings for that time and channel. still to come, president obama and the president of china say that they have reached an understanding on curbing cyber espionage, but critics are skeptical. john bolton joins us. plus pooch pow sner we will sh er? the spec tack could you lar stunts these dogs can perform. americans. we're living longer than ever.
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♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ get a look at this, highly trained k-9s captivating audiences at an army dog show in india yesterday. they showed off some of their special skills including sniffing out explosives and performed a range of different drills. the dog show marks the beginning of the silver jubilee
11:41 am
celebrations for that branch of the indian army. i raised once again our serious concerns about growing cyber threats to american companies and american citizens. i indicated that it has to stop. the united states government does not engage in cyber economic espionage for commercial gain and today i can announce that our two countries have reached a common understanding on the way forward. >> that was president obama this week announcing that he and his chinese counterpart xi jinping have reached an agreement on curbing cyber espionage. china's president has promised not to crack down on cyber hackers who steal commercial secrets from the krund, but can we trust beijing to live up to its word? let's bring in john bolton, u.s. ambassador to the united nations. you've dealt with the chinese
11:42 am
before. can we trust them? >> let's look at what they said. if there was an agreement in that statement by the president, i didn't really see it. what he was talking about was the limited area of cyber hacking to get commercial intelligence. and that's certainly an area we should be concerned about. but let's talk about the chinese hack of the personnel records of the office of personnel management, 10 million, 15 million, 20 million, who knows. and what it says not only about the damage potentially done by that attack, but chinese capabilities more generally and the weakness of american defenses, this is a huge issue and the president has treated it like it was a minor inconvenience. i would find that incredible from beijing's perspective saying to themselves that we got away with this? >> you kind of wonder how you sit down and have the kind of meetings that it seemed like they were having when there are such enormous fundamental
11:43 am
differences and also real hostilities that are going on from the islands china is building to buzzing u.s. american aircraft in international air space to hacking the opm and they look like old buddies. >> i think this goes to a discussion about what our strategy ought to be to counter china more proudly. we can talk about it now since he's a former candidate for president, but scott walker had recommended that the state continue dinner be canceled. others said it's not a strategy, and that's true, but it's a public rebuke to a president very sensitive to that sort of thing that says we are not tolerate your hacking into our government personnel records, period, close quote. now that we've made that point, let's talk about a way forward. the president from all we can tell despite threats about re l retaliation for that hack has done nothing. >> i remember him saying we will put together measures to let the
11:44 am
chinese know we're a little more than upset. eight or nine months ago, the chinese president was riding high because of the stock market, the bottom fell out. take a look at this graph of the shanghai index. the bottom fell out of that. it seems as though xi jinping was really vulnerable and rather than try to take advantage of how vulnerable he is domestically, the u.s. rolls out the red carpet state dinner and that really buoys his image at home. >> this is a signal at home that there are real troubles inside the chinese economy. a lot of people now saying publicly what has been known for a long time, a bufshlg nch of c economic data is made up. it's true the president shouldn't be announcing when we're conducting our cyber attacks, but there is both a public and clandestine aspect to this. and by acting publicly as if all is well, it gives the impression not just to china but to other
11:45 am
adversaries or quasi adversaries that the president is a pushover. >> the president of china sat there and said when they talked about the shoissue of the islan china is building, essentially china has the right to conduct activities in its own national interests. if we want to build islands in the south china sea, we will build those islands. the united states wants to act in its own best interests and protect our interests in the south china sea, we can too. the question is are we. >> not under this president. and let's be clear. with respect to these islands and rocks and reefs that on a good day are branches above water that the chinese are building on, that the sovereignty over those islands and rocks and reefs is contested. vietnam, philippines, malaysia, taiwan even contend this they have sovereignty. what china is doing is unilaterally creating facts on the ground to create a province to turn international waters into a chinese lake.
11:46 am
this is of huge significance to the united states, japan and others. >> are we doing anything about it? >> no. in fact there is reporting out of the pentagon that suggestions to sail into these contested areas to make sure we do not acknowledge their claims have been he rejected by the white house and i bet xi jinping knows that very well, too. >> all he dhoos has do is look s window and figure it out. appreciate your insights. millions flocking to see pope francis. he's captivated catholics and radically changed the image of the church. but who is pope francis? an in-depth look at the life of the man they call the people's pope next.
11:47 am
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the roman catholic church a little more than two years ago, pope francis promised that change was coming. since then, he has shaken up the church. and changed how many a new book goes behind the scenes of the papacy. released "pope francis and the new vatican." the author, robert draiper, who traveled to rome to learn more
11:51 am
about pope francis. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me on, mol molly. >> i've had a chance to look at your book and the most recent issue in national geographic from august. beautiful pictures, it's like taking a journey with the pope. how did you get involved in this project and what was it like to just cover pope francis as this began? >> sure. well, first, the editor in chief susan goldberg and i had a conversation whether this was a national geographic type of story and we decided this was a man who attempting to change an ancient culture. those are the kind of stories national geographic was doing for years. we made the pitch along with photographer david yeller got access sort of piecemeal over several months. i spent two trips, a total of six weeks in rome interviewing vatican officials and friends of the pope. but then went to buenos aires
11:52 am
for three weeks for those who knew pope francis going 50 or even 60 years. it was a gratifying experience for someone like me who also covers politics, to interview people about an individual who has not changed, not a creature of ambition. he's sincere, a man of his word. these are qualities i don't often find in washington. >> pope francis is known as the people's pope and lamented he hasn't been able to walk among the people or poor easily in the past before he became the pope. what is the most striking for you as you cover pope francis? >> well, i think that's it. that molly, he still tries to close the distance between what has long been thought of the catholic church and almost imperius kind of title between him and the public at large.
11:53 am
this is something very much in keeping with jorge mario b bergolio, a man of the streets. a common person, the son of an accountant, who was always much more comfortable riding mass transit than a chauffeur-driven limousine and indeed, the moment he became pope and gave his speech out on the square stepped right past the limo that was waiting for him and into the van that was faring all the cardinals that just e llected h. that's very much in character with this individual throughout all of his years. never sought out any of the positions of leadership to which he was thrust but excelled in every one of them and largely because of his basic sincerity. there's no disconnect between what he says, what he thinks and what he feels. they're all in harmony. >> robert draper, thank you so much for joining us. really enjoyed flipping through the book to get an inside look and thank you for sharing your inside look with us. >> sure. my pleasure.
11:54 am
>> thank you. still ahead, as we continue to cover how speaker john boehner's resignation, we want to know who do you think should take his place? we have your twitter responses coming up next. plus, say good-bye to a pair of bear cubs. they are really cute. and we will tell you about their new life coming up. hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju and coming up in less than ten minutes right here on america's news headquarters from new york, the latest from pope francis' tour with the latest from the city of brotherly love where we expect the pope to speak out on immigration before an audience of thousands. also, what's really behind russia's vladimir putin's build-up in syria? we go with lieutenant colonel schaefer and for 56 years and here in new york. join us.
11:55 am
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who should replace john boehner as the next speaker of the house? first, david. cynthia l cynthia l cynth cynth cynth cynthia lummis would make a terrific one. and tre would be great. they're conservative, well liked and at least according to ralph, they are unafraid.
11:59 am
all right, brace yourselves. unbearably cute clips here. two bear cubs. final farewell back into the wild in western russia this week. orphans rescued and raised. before being freed, they were fitted with microchips. we can monitor their movements. the organization plans to release over a dozen other bears in the coming days. >> they're cute now. they're very cute right now. very cuddly. wait until they grow up. it has been so amazing to cover the pope and cover all of the amazing amount of enthusiasm about it. >> it is. and it's great. i actually had a chance to go to rome and see the pope there. and when he rides in the pope mobile, you catch an elbow. when people barely get a glimpse, being part of the excitement and the spiritual experience.
12:00 pm
>> you went to rome to do it. people went for hours. we're looking live where it's fi filling up. they've got dancers there to entertain before the pope comes to the main show in a few minutes. america's news headquarters continues. hello, everybody. i'm uma pemmaraju live in new york showing no signs of slowing down. pope francis grabbing the nation's attention as he spent his last days in philadelphia. we take you to independence mall where hundreds of thousands of people are anticipating his arrival in just one hour. plus. >> it's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution. >> and one day after pontiff's joint meeting to the congress, how john boehner decides to call it quits. the announcement catching a lot of folks off guard and now talk of a nasty political showdown


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